We have a stringent four-step assessment process:

Step One: Upon the Application being received the information provided is reviewed and a ‘first pass’ decision is taken

Step Two: We will contact the Borrower to confirm the nature of the request and ask supplementary questions

Step Three: Our due diligence process then differs from most Peer to Peer/Crowd funding platforms in that we arrange a face-to-face interview with the applicant.

The interview is also an opportunity for the Borrower to ask questions of us and our process.

If, following the interview and our further due diligence checks, if we are as satisfied as we reasonably can be that the request has merit, the proposal moves to the next step.

Step Four: Only after our due diligence process has been completed with the application be then sent for an independent external review. This step is undertaken by a group of specialist credit analysts with an extensive background in credit assessment. They will review the application from a number of perspectives and provide a recommendation to either support or decline the request.

It is important to understand that whilst we endeavour to cover all aspects of an applicant’s background and business it is ultimately the decision of the investor to support the request or turn it aside.