1.     One of the first things that we’ll do is to arrange a face to face meeting to go through your application in detail. This way we can ensure that we can represent your proposal correctly to our Investors and allows us to fully appreciate your project.

2.     Your application will then be sent to our Credit Assessment Team who will do an Independent review using our Internal credit assessment

3.     At this point, your Application will be given a Credit Rating and you’ll be informed of our decision

4.     You then can decide whether you’d like to proceed to Funding or not.

5.     Once we have your acceptance to your credit rating, we’ll then inform ALL our approved Investors of your project and move quickly to get it funded as quick as possible.

Remember, our responsibility is to ensure that we only put forward to our lenders, applications that we believe offer a considered risk profile that allow for their capital and interest to be repaid without any interruption or default.

Also, although we shall be rating your application, we always require our lenders do there own due diligence on the facts we put to them before they finally come to a decision on funding or not.